Since 1995, the all-volunteer and interfaith peaceCENTER continues to be a significant community catalyst for peace in San Antonio, Texas. Compassion and Justice are our strong guiding lights. Contemplative Practices, Experiential Education, and Nonviolent Actions are our working expressions throughout the community at large.

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Monday’s Monument: 28 Blocks Mural, Washington, DC

Monday’s Monument: 28 Blocks Mural, Washington, DC

“28 Blocks” by New York artist Garin Baker is on the Metropolitan Branch Trail — a pedestrian and cyclist commuter trail in Northeast Washington. It is visible from the New York Ave. Bridge. The mural is a tribute to the men — many of whom were the first and second generation of black men born free — who built the 120-ton marble statue. Italian immigrants also helped build the statue, which was designed by sculptor Daniel Chester French to sit in the memorial. The name comes from the 28 blocks of marble used to erect the statue between 1914 and 1922. The marble was carved from mountains in northwestern Georgia by the sons of African slaves, according to the D.C. Department of General Services. Beneath the mural is a quote from Frederick Douglass: “Without culture there can be no growth. . . . Without action, no progress. And without conflict, no victory.”

It was installed in late summer, 2017.

28 Blocks trailer from Phanatiks Entertainment on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday, Peacemakers!

Happy Birthday, Peacemakers!

February 18, 1934
Audre Lorde
“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”

February 21, 1936
Barbara Jordan
“What a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.”

February 23, 1868
W.E.B. DuBois
“Most men today cannot conceive of a freedom that does not involve somebody’s slavery.”

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