We know, Peace is more than absence of war
And Love is much more than the absence of hate
And Yes, Life is so much more than the absence of death
So much more . . .
How long would it take us to say,
“Every human Life is sacred” in every tongue,
Seven and a half billion times?
Could it take a lifetime? Or so much more?
And, in that time, No one could die
At the hand of another?
No fair, filling the air with bullets, rockets and bombs
Staining the walls of houses of worship
With the blood of those who simply came to worship
Death in the name of GOD? The King? The temporary ruler?
Will it take GOD to tell us when to STOP? Or,
Can we do more? So much more?
Why talk, when we can kill? What reason?
People all over the world are fighting, dying
For a just cause – or “just because? Would reason be treason?
Before we pave over our Paradises
For the comfort of the comfortable, Remember!
The Author of Love, Space and Time
Who keeps the Galaxies and each sparrow alive?
Can we clean out the prisons of our minds?
Open the jails, and let the criminals IN?
Close the palaces, and the the enslaved be free?
Can the talk of Peace be more than talk? Will we listen
Shalom! Salaam! True Peace! Real Peace!
Starting with those closest to you? And keep going?
Right here? Right now? Can we show what love looks like?
We could, we can, we will
Shake up the World!!!
So much more . . .!
Talk, Peace, Talk!

San Antonio poet Imam (Hajii) ‘Abdur-Rahim Muhammad is a prison chaplain and Associate Imam of Masjid Bilal Ibn Ra’bah.

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