Download the Great Peace March cards HERE.
(2.3 MB)


27 pages to cut in quarters to make 106 cards.

The Great Peace March

In the late 1980s the Lutheran Peace Fellowship created the “Wall of Hope,” a timeline of peace and justice events that they have used in more than 500 events (look under “Peace Ed” at Over the years the peaceCENTER has played with the Wall. We call it “The Great Peace March” and have added to it, illustrated it, put it into slide shows and even made up games using it.

We recommend printing it on white cardstock and, if you think you’ll be using it more than once or twice, having it laminated (in the long run it’s cheaper than repeated color printing.) Each 8½ x 11″ sheet gets cut into four cards.

The 109 events are also available as a Powerpoint slide show here. (big file: 15 MB)


Download the Peace Lotería cards HERE.
(922 KB)

20 pages to cut in half to make 40 cards.

Peace History Lotería

You can also use the Great Peace March cards as the “caller cards” for the peaceCENTER’s Peace Lotería game. Lotería is a Mexican game of chance, similar to Bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of numbered balls. You play this game just like Bingo: the caller (called the cancionero, or singer, in Mexico) draws a card, reads it out and when people have that event on their card, they mark it. Shuffle the cards: don’t read them in chronological order.

Everyone will need a handful of markers. In Mexico they use pinto beans but any small object — pennies, wrapped candy — will do. If you laminate the cards you can use crayons and wipe them off with a tissue.

The first person to make the designated pattern wins. Typical patterns are three in a row, an X or the four corners. Have winners call out something like “satyagraha” or “peace” instead of Bingo. Small prizes make it more exciting: a bumper sticker, a button, a piece of candy. Much to our astonishment, we’ve had kids play this for hours and adults have fun with it too. Have the winner of the last game be the caller for the next one; he or she can pick the designated pattern and the “win-word” that people shout out.


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